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Vedic Maths online course helps you to master Mathematics with the guidance of the best and most well-skilled mathematicians. Studying vedic maths online classes is one of the best options for learning more techniques for students. These are perfect for doing faster calculations in the best conventional methods. The course is perfect for students, professionals, teachers, parents, and everyone.

Course Objectives And Rewards:

  • Sharpens the brain
  • Facilitates a habit of analytical thinking
  • Gain the best insight into ancient Vedic mathematics
  • Eradicates fear of Mathematics
  • Improves calculation speed
  • Gain knowledge about numerical skills
  • Helps to crack scholarship and entrance exams

Our enthusiastic educators and trainers are well-versed in Abacus & Vedic Maths education. With more than 16 years of experience in Vedic Maths, our team has trained more than 10000 students. These are the best vedic maths online course programs and are especially based on skill management techniques that would activate the hidden potential of your brain.

Course Eligibility:

The vedic maths training online is open to students those who are 12 years or older. Those who are interested in studying Vedic Mathematics subject even irrespective of age or profession can join the vedic maths online course. The course is not limited to age as these improve the skills in learning ancient Indian mathematical way.

Course Details:

Vedic Mathematics Course has duration of about 9 months in the online mode. Students can also get better flexibility in studying the course through this mode.

  • Vedic Mathematics Course has 24 lessons
  • Log in to the website to access the course
  • Registered students gain log-in credentials
  • Submit answers online within 30 days of downloading PDF course material
  • Download the first lesson
  • Study the lesson and watch the video recording
  • Attempt Practice Problems given
  • Complete the course successfully to get a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ of merit
  • Scores are displayed online

Access To Lessons:

Studying vedic maths classes for adults is available in online mode. These lessons can be downloaded on the official website, and online tests are conducted.

Vedic Math

Vedic Math
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