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What is Vedic Math ?

Have you ever wondered why the demand for online Vedic Maths classes has been ever increasingly on the rise? To begin with, mathematical skills are utilized in every endeavor of our lives. These skills provide us with the fundamental ability to learn and think logically. But many young learners struggle with Maths, and as a result, they distance themselves from this subject. Vedic Maths is the most sought-after Mental Arithmetic System. It helps learners get rid of their fear of Math and gain competitive edge. Vedic Math consists of 16 sutras (techniques) and 13 upa-sutras (sub-techniques) that help in solving a wide range of problems. Many complex topics like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus etc.

What is Abacus ?

Abacus is an instrument that consists of beads that are slid across a series of rods set in a frame to perform arithmetic calculations. It is also known as world’s first calculator. The popularity of Abacus can be attributed to the fact that it makes arithmetic operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division very easy and leads to the development of exceptional computational skills in learners. As a result, the demand of online Abacus training classes for beginners is also on the rise. There are many benefits of learning Abacus. It enhances the speed and accuracy of calculations, improves focus and concentration, strengthens memory and makes academic grades better.The online abacus training classes on our platform have step-by-step learning processes to strengthen mental maths.

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